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More that just a Rangefinder

Get swing analysis, shot recommendations and advanced game insights.

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What our users have to say

Rakesh K.

Rakesh K.

"Incredibly powerful. Takes the guesswork out of your game."

Carl M.

Carl M.

"Integrating swing- & shot- analysis helps us find the real problems in our game."

Mark D.

Mark D.

"The speed at which you respond to feedback and improve your Product is amazing!"

Feature Packed

The best features a golfer can get!

Intelligent Swing Analyzer

Improve your swing plane, speed & tempo, to optimize distance and accuracy with every club.

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GPS Rangefinder

Plan every shot with precise distance and free club-recommendations in 24,000+ courses worldwide

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Automatic Shot Tracking

Track strokes-gained and advanced shot stats with fully automatic shot tracking.

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Augmented Reality

Automated pro-tracers, swing visualizations and your personal AR Caddie


Advanced Tour Analytics

Track Strokes Gained and Advanced shot stats with fully-automatic shot tracking.

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Small, But Powerful

Golfication X combines a GPS Rangefinder, an automatic shot tracker, and a swing analyzer, to give you holistic insights into your golf game.


Golfication X comes with 14 Tags for each of the clubs.


Super Easy to Setup

Step 1

Connect Golfication X with your Golfication app.

Step 2

Dial in the Club Tags into your Golf Clubs.

Step 3

Sync Tags and start improving your game.

Why Golfication X?


Make Stats Great Again

Designed to help you improve and make your round more fun, Golfication captures your swing, your shot and even your intent* seamlessly in real time. It then uses Artificial Intelligence to help you make smarter decisions on-course and build better practice routines at the range.

* Only when used with the Golfication App's "On-Course Mode"

The Golfication App

GPS Rangefinder, Game Stats, Live Scorecard, and more...

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